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NCTA Teaching East Asian Literature Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

What does participation include?

  • Set of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean literary works (to be mailed prior to workshop)
  • Free housing and a minimum of one meal a day
  • Certificate of completion
  • Option to purchase three graduate credits
  • $300 grant for purchasing East Asian literature for classroom use (upon completion of requirements)

If I choose to take the workshop for credit, will I receive a grade?

Yes, those who take the workshop for credit will be assigned a grade based on the lesson plan submitted (due five weeks after close of workshop).

Who is eligible to participate in the workshop?

Practicing U.S. K-12 English and World Literature teachers are eligible to participate. Highest admission priority is reserved for full-time high school educators.

Do you accept teachers of subjects other than English or literature?

While the workshop targets English and world literature teachers, we do sometimes make exceptions (when we do not reach full enrollment) for teachers of humanities subjects such as history or art who would like to integrate East Asian literature into their curricula.

How much does the workshop cost?

Participants are asked to pay a non-refundable $100 registration fee. They are also responsible for round-trip transportation to Bloomington and roughly two meals per day (breakfasts and one dinner will be covered by the workshop).

What is the fee if one cancels after June 15?

The $100 registration fee is non-refundable, regardless of when you cancel. If you cancel after June 13, we will ask you to either return or pay for the cost of the reading materials sent in advance (approximately $200). We will also ask you to pay for your hotel room at the Indiana Memorial Union, since we cannot recover that cost. We have this policy to encourage serious commitment since the bulk of the workshop costs are covered.

How are participants chosen for the workshop?

We admit participants on a rolling basis and will accept 25 eligible teachers.

Who are the specialists and consultants for this year’s workshop?

2018 specialists/instructors can be found here.

What is the URL for the workshop's Google site?

The workshop's Google site can be found here. Only those enrolled in the Literature workshop will be invited to the Google Group and be able to access the materials on the site.