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Tiphani Dixon

Tiphani Dixon

Masters Student in East Asian Studies and EASC Volunteer

Tiphani Dixon is currently seeking a Master's degree with a concentration in East Asian Studies. She is the cultural ambassador for Japan within the East Asian Studies Department. In this capacity, Tiphani has participated in the Lotus Blossom World Bazaar for the past two years, helping elementary school students experience East Asian culture through crafts. Additionally, she developed a presentation regarding musical instruments native to Japan, which was broadcast via satellite to an elementary school in Alabama. Tiphani also assisted with the student-run Korea Night, and developed a presentation for Japan Olympiad that explained the elements of karate to high-school students in the lower Midwest region. She is also in contact with the Office of Overseas Study at IU, and assisted in study abroad orientation by providing an overview of adjusting to life in Japan.

Tiphani believes intercultural communication, exposure, and intentional interactions are the keys to establishing globally conscious individuals. It is because of this philosophy that she loves volunteering, working with people, and promoting interest in East Asia.

Society of Friends of Korean Studies

The Society of Friends of Korean Studies (SOFOKS), a private fundraising organization, is a committed union between community and higher education ensuring continued support for Korean studies and young Korean studies scholars at Indiana University.


In 1983 under the leadership of Heun Y. Yune, M.D., now Professor Emeritus of Radiology at the IU School of Medicine, a group of business professionals and IU faculty in Indianapolis formed SOFOKS to encourage the development of Korean studies at IU. Since its founding, SOFOKS members have donated more than $190,000 to support students and faculty engaged in studying Korean language and culture, providing for, among other things, an annual fellowship for graduate students and an annual Excellence in Korean Studies award for undergraduates.

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of SOFOKS in 2008, founder Dr. Yune wrote a fable expressing the longstanding commitment between the once fledgling Korean studies program and its supporting community of SOFOKS members. Read the fable (PDF or Word), and view a timeline (PDF) of the development of Korean studies at IU.

To join the Society of Friends of Korean Studies, easc [at] indiana [dot] edu (contact us).

Make a gift to the Korean Program Fund.

2011-12 Donors:

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Jackson
Dr. & Mrs. Heun Young Yune
Mr. & Mrs. Heung Chul Moon
Dr. & Mrs. Hee-Myung Park
Dr. In Sook Seo
Mr. & Mrs. Jaeyon Lee
Dr. & Mrs. Han Won Paik
Dr. & Mrs. Young Soo Suh
Dr. & Mrs. Moo Nahm Yum
Dr. Hwi Yul Suh
Dr. & Mrs. Bong Hyun Chang
Mr. & Mrs. Dal Soo Kwon
Dr. & Mrs. Hyo Sang Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Sung Jae Park
Dr. & Mrs. Kun Hong Kim
Mr. & Mrs. JaeYun Kim
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Lee