Private Tutors for E370

Someone for every special need, language or time.

Email links are live.
All arrangements are made between student and tutor.
 E370 personnel do not schedule or coordinate tutoring sessions and are not responsible for the quality or accuracy of the information exchanged.  All of the students in the list have received at least an A in the class within the last 6 months, are current in Excel 2010 and are eager to help current students.

Contact Info Tutor Provided Information
  Nick Elia 219-776-9311
  Suyang(Sean) Ju 812-369-6850
Major: Finance&BEPP.
Minor: Economics
E370 Grade: A
Related Coursework: ECON-E321: A- MATH-M118: A MATH-M119: A+ BUS-X201: A
I am an easy going guy. Fluent in English and Chinese. Feel free to text me. Willing to take groups. Rate is $15/ hour.
  Haiyan Zhang 812 369 0529
Major: Marketing
Both group tutoring or individual tutoring are okay.
English is not my first language, but communication and tutoring E370 are okay.
I am from China and am a Sophomore in Kelley Business School.
  Daniel Zaklis (631) 741-2255
  Rebecca Alexander 860-466-9275
Rate: $20/hour
Grade: Junior
Majors: Marketing and Operations Management
Minor: Psychology
GPA: 4.0
 Shiyu ZhangNew! 812-606-6832

 Major:  Economics
Minor:  Business
E370 Grade:  A