Using Computers in Education


General Schedule Overview

In this section, you will see the general schedule overview, and what will be covered for each week of class. In order to see more details on the assignments, and access further resources, click the "click here for details" link located under the desired week.

Date Activity
Homework (due for next week's class)

Why Technology?

Week 1

(Introduction & badges)

Introduction: Part 1
Introduction and Syllabus
Course Overview

Introduction: Part 2
Account setting (Gmail/IU Box/ePortfolio/Twitter account)

Shift Happens: Standards/Teaching objectives

Badge(s): Chatterpix/Smore

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  • Class Prep Week #2: Standards

Week 2


Standards and Objectives
Edpuzzle / Concept Map

Teacher tasks and Productivity tools
QR code / Nearpod / Seesaw / Kahoot / Class Dojo / Edmodo
Screencasting / LMS

Badge(s): Concept Map/LMS/Jeopardy/Symbaloo

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  • Class Prep Week #3: Content Exploration
Week 3


Badges: Part 1

Professional Identity, PLN, LinkedIn, Resume, Practice Twitter Chat

Badges: Part 2

Content Exploration

Badge(s): Professional Identity/PLN/Twitter Chat/Nearpod/Screencasting

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  • Class Prep Week #4: Twitter Chat
Week 4


Badges: Part 1

Production Tasks

Badges: Part 2

Production Tasks & Assessment

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  • Class Prep Week #5

Week 5

(Digital Citizenship)

Digital Citizenship: Week 1

Information literacy
Internet safety
Introducing lesson plans

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  • Class Prep Week #6
Week 6

(Digital Citizenship)

Digital Citizenship: Week 2

Resource exploration
resource evaluation
Sharing examples of infographic creation

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  • Class Prep Week #7
Week 7

(Digital Citizenship)

Digital Citizenship: Week 3


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  • Class Prep Week #8
Week 8

(Computational Thinking)

Computational Thinking: Week 1

Introduction to computational thinking
Examples from subject areas
Make a sandwich

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  • Class Prep Week #9
Week 9

(Computational Thinking)

Computational Thinking: Week 2

MILL Week (explore the Maker's Space):
3D printing & Tinkercad
Laser cutting
How to use them in your subject areas

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  • Class Prep Week #10
Spring Break

  • Work on Badges
  • Work on ePortfolios
Week 10

(Computational Thinking)

Computational Thinking: Week 3

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  • Class Prep Week #13
Week 11



Practice Session

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Week 12



Practice Session

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Week 13

(Problem-based Learning)

Problem-based Learning: Week 1

Problem-based Learning (PBL)
Driving Questions
Discussion of Meat Tax example
Developing and Assessing the Dilemma Problem
Driving Questions

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  • Class Prep Week #14
Week 14

(Problem-based Learning)

Problem-based Learning: Week 2

PBL Drivinhg Questions

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  • Class Prep Week #15
Week 15

(Problem-based Learning)

Problem-based Learning: Week 3

PBL Culminating activities & assessments

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Finals Week
You need to attend your scheduled final exam time - No exceptions

Go Forth Digital Teachers!
ePortfolio Presentations

Final Exam Schedule (Week 16 details)
  • Final ePortfolio: Talk to your instructor