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Troy Smith - Principal Investigator

Troy Smith

Winnie Ho - Graduate Student

Winnie Ho

Winnie uses behavioral, hormonal, and molecular techniques to study the mechanisms of population-level variation in the sexual dimorphism of electric communication signals in black ghost knifefish (Apteronotus albifrons). She has also worked on a collaborative project to generate a molecular phylogeny of the ghost knifefishes. Personal site

Karen Bohorquez - Graduate Student

Karen Bohorquez

Karen studies the effects of social environment and dominance on hormones (androgens, estrogens, and cortisol) and electric communication signals in brown ghost knifefish.

Jaqueline Petzold - Graduate Student

Jaqueline Petzold

Jakki has studied sex differences in EODs and chirping in Parapteronotus hasemani and is interested in how fish perceive and discriminate among conspecific EODs and chirps.


Post-doctoral Fellows

Petra Telgkamp

Graduate Students

Hanna Kolodziejski

Hanna studied the role of substance P in regulating sex differences in chirping and the function of EOD frequency and chirping as communication signals in brown ghost knifefish (A. leptorhynchus) and black ghost knifefish (A. albifrons). She earned her PhD in 2007 and was an Assistant Professor at Keene State University, where she was greatly admired as a teacher, researcher, and mentor.  Hanna lost a long and valiant battle with cancer in 2009. The Hanna Kolodziejski Fellowship was established to honor Hanna's interest in the study of animal behavior, her dedication to teaching and mentoring, and her devotion to community service. For more information about the Hanna Kolodziejski Fellowship or to contribute to the endowment that funds this award, Click Here

Cameron Turner

Cameron studied the evolution of EODs and chirp structure in numerous apteronotid species. Cameron earned an M.S. in 2007. He worked as a fisheries biologist for an environmental consulting firm in California from 2007-2009 and is currently an IGERT fellow in the Ph.D. program in Biological Sciences at Notre Dame University.

Antiño Allen

Antiño studied cellular proliferation and recovery of behavioral function following spinal cord injury in electric fish.  Antiño earned his PhD in 2010 and is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the ISIS program at UCSF.

IU STARs Undergraduates

Muchu Zhou

Muchu was an undergraduate researcher in the IU STARS program. He studied sex differences in the electric communication signals of the marble leaf knifefish (Adontosternarchus devenanzii) and the role of feedback and interactivity on the function of electric communication signals in brown ghost knifefishes. He graduated with Honors in Biology in 2008 and is currently a PhD student in the Program of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Illinois.

Andrés Morera

Andrés was an undergraduate researcher in the IU STARS program. He studied electric organ regeneration in the glass knifefish (Eigenmannia virescens) and tiger knifefish (Rhamphichthys rostratus). After graduating in 2009, Andrés joined the NIH-funded PREP program at Arizona State University.

Lab Manager

Nicole Combs

Undergraduate Research Interns

  • Nitin Kumar (L490, 2002)
  • Marion Alston (REU, 2002)
  • Alison McNamara (MEDIC-B, 2002)
  • Jenna Schuster (REU, 2004)
  • Sara Sanford (REU, 2005)
  • Maxsimilian Derylo (REU, 2006)
  • Victoria Flores (REU, 2007)
  • Ryan Howell (L490, 2008-9)
  • Jessica Rack (REU, 2008)
  • Ken Formby (REU, 2008)
  • Amanda Buck (L490, 2009-10)
  • Chelsea Holman (REU 2010)
  • Lisa Weatherly (REU 2010)
  • Ben Gerroll (L490 2010-2011)
  • Danny Fernandez (REU 2011)
  • Bernadetta Bernatowicz (REU 2012)
  • Shilpa Reddy (L490, 2011-12)

Undergraduate Lab Support

Mary Horwedel, Dustin Odle, Andrea Tews, Wyatt Weaver, Brian Weiland, Brian Navarrete, Doug Tompkins, Sam Caughlin, David Beal, Dustin Bledsoe, Stephen Strong, Ross Knepper, Mitch Funke, Colin Barr, Matt Skinner, and Andrew Smith