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Note: Addresses can be reconstructed by dropping the * and adding Indiana.edu.


Full Name Department/School Status Email Address
Hans O. Andersen Education Emeritus Faculty andersen@*
John Applegate Law Faculty jsapple@*
Matt Auer SPEA Faculty mauer@*
Allan Bender Biology Faculty abender@*
Lucille Bertuccio HPER Adjunct Faculty lbertucc@*
Jim Bever Biology Faculty jbever@*
Eli Blevis School of Informatics Faculty eblevis@*
William Boone Education Faculty wboone@*
Ben Brabson Physics Faculty brabson@*
Eduardo Brondizio Anthropology Faculty ebrondiz@*
Jim Capshew History and Philosophy of Science Faculty jcapshew@*
Keith Clay Biology, IU Teaching and Research Preserve Faculty clay@*
Bruce James Douglas Geological Sciences Faculty douglasb@*
Robert Fischman Law Faculty rfischma@*
Victoria Getty Applied Health Science Faculty vgetty@*
Christine Glaser IUPUI Outside Participant cglaser @ iupui.edu
Thomas R. Gieryn Sociology Faculty gieryn@*
Charles E. Greer Geography Faculty greerc@*
David Haberman Religious Studies, LLC Faculty dhaberma@*
Michael W. Hamburger Geological Sciences Faculty hamburg@*
Roger Hangarter Biology Faculty rhangart@*
Noriko Hara Library & Information Science Faculty nhara@*
George Hegeman Biology Emeritus Faculty hegemang@*
Julia Heiman Kinsey Institute Faculty jheiman@*
Jim Hengeveld Biology Faculty jhengeve@*
Susan Hengeveld Biology Faculty shengeve@*
Diane S. Henshel SPEA Faculty dhenshel@*
Roger Innes Biology Faculty rinnes@*
Ellen Ketterson Biology Faculty ketterso@*
Douglas H. Knapp HPER Faculty dknapp@*
Noel Krothe Geological Sciences Faculty krothen@*
Marc Lame SPEA Faculty mlame@*
Catherine Larson COAS Faculty larson@*
Paul Losensky Central Eurasian Studies Faculty plosensk@*
Vicky Meretsky SPEA Faculty meretsky@*
Ann M. Mongoven Religious Studies Faculty amongove@*
Emilio Moran Anthropology, SPEA, ACT, CIPEC Faculty moran@*
Craig Nelson Biology Emeritus Faculty nelson1@*
Andrew James Oliphant Geography Faculty ajolipha@*
Elinor Ostrom Political Science Faculty ostrom@*
David Pace History, ISS Faculty dpace@*
Phaedra Pezzullo Communication & Culture Faculty pezzullo@*
Maren Pink Chemistry Faculty mpink@*
Sara Pryor Geography Faculty spryor@*
James C. Randolph SPEA Faculty randolph@*
Heather Reynolds Biology Faculty hlreynol@*
Heidi A. Ross Education Faculty haross@*
Anya Royce Anthropology Faculty royce@*
Albert Ruesink Biology Faculty ruesink@*
Scott Sanders English Faculty sanders1@*
Bob Schaible Medical School Emeritus Faculty bcschaible @ smithville.net
Jean Sept Anthropology Faculty sept@*
Holly Stocking Journalism Faculty stocking@*
Timothy Tilton Political Science Faculty tilton@*
Catherine M. Tucker Anthropology Faculty tuckerc@*
Maxine Watson Biology Faculty watsonm@*
Jeffrey White SPEA Faculty whitej@*
Chen Zhu Geological Sciences Faculty chenzhu@*
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Full Name Department/School Status Email Address
Claire King Community Outreach and Partnerships  in Service-Learning (COPSL) Staff cljking@*
Ross Peterson-Veatch School of Buisiness/LAMP Staff rveatch@*
George Rehrey Campus Instructional Consulting Staff grehrey@*
Jennifer Robinson Campus Instructional Consulting Staff jenmetar@*
John Rupp Geological Survey Staff rupp@*
Paul Schneller Physical Plant Staff schnelle@*
Nicole Schonemann Community Outreach and Partnerships  in Service-Learning (COPSL) Staff nschonem@*
Stori Snyder Hilltop Staff stlsnyde@*
Keith Vogelsang Biology Staff kvogelsa@*
Brian Winchester International Programs, Center for the Study of Global Change Staff winchest@*
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Full Name Department/School Status Email Address
Daniel Atlas SPROUTS Undergraduate datlas@*
Eric Garza SPEA Graduate Student elgarza@*
Briana Gross Biology Graduate Student brgross@*
Justin Peterson SPROUTS Undergraduate jusmpete@*
Mike Steinhoff SPEA Graduate Student msteinho@*
Andrea Webster Residence Halls Association Undergraduate anmwebst@*
Tracie Wilson Anthropology Graduate Student traclwil@*

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