This syllabus shows topics, assignments, other homework, and due dates. Click on links to get instructions for the assignments.

Work in the Assignments column is listed in the week in which the work is due. Be sure to look down to later rows to see what you need to be working on! The items in the Homework column indicate the day the homework is due. (“for Wed” means you need to do the homework before the Wednesday class.)

There may be a short online quiz about the homework on these days, after we have had a chance to review the material in class. A quiz may cover all of the reading done since the last quiz. Makeup quizzes are given only in the case of excused absences.

“Homework” means: work you can do at home. In other words, you usually do not need to be in M373 to do this work, though it may sometimes be necessary. Assignments must be done in M373. You are expected to spend time outside of class doing the assignments in M373. There will not be enough work time in class to finish them.

For an overview of the assignments, go here.

The dates given in the Dates column are for the Monday of the week.

Dates Topics Assignments Homework
Week 1
Getting acquainted with Reason — Introduction to MIDI recording for Wed: Video: Overview
for Fri: Video: Recording
Week 2
Making drum patterns Monday is Labor Day: no class
DUE Wed (9/3): Exercise A
Fill out Questionnaire in Canvas
(in Quizzes)
for Wed: Video: Redrum
for Fri: Video: Drum Beats
(IU network or VPN only)
Week 3
Basic acoustics — MIDI editing DUE Mon (9/8): Exercise B for Mon: Acoustics reading
for Wed: Video: Beginner’s Guide
for Wed: Acoustics 1 app, pages 1‑3  
for Fri: Acoustics 1 app, pages 4‑6
for Fri: IRN Frequency Range Chart
Week 4
More acoustics — Musical contrast — Introduction to mixing for Mon: Acoustics 2 app, pages 1‑3  
for Wed: Acoustics 2 app, pages 4‑5
Week 5
MIDI hardware setups — MIDI messages — Rhythmic feel — Block editing DUE Mon (9/22): Assignment 1
for Wed: MIDI reading
for Fri: MIDI app, pages 1‑2
Week 6
More MIDI messages — Creating and editing MIDI control change messages — Automation — Tempo changes for Mon: MIDI app, pages 3‑4
for Wed: MIDI app, pages 5‑6
Week 7
Synthesis with Reason — Filters — Modulation with LFOs DUE Mon (10/6): Assignment 2
for Wed: Modulation app, pages 1‑2
for Fri: Modulation app, pages 3‑5
Week 8
CV and pattern sequencing — Sampling — Sample preparation in Audacity
Week 9
Introduction to audio files in Reason — Digital audio concepts DUE Mon (10/20): Assignment 3 for Fri: Digital Audio 1 reading

Week 10
Formants and pitch correction — Audio time-scaling and quantization for Fri: Digital Audio 2 reading

Week 11
How basic audio effects work: EQ DUE Mon (11/3): Assignment 4
Begin Final Project
for Wed: Filters and EQ reading
Week 12
Vocoder; Delay effects; Dynamics effects for Wed: Delay Effects reading
for Fri: Dynamics Effects reading
Week 13
More about dynamics effects processing
11/24 Thanksgiving Break
Week 14
Final project workshop
Week 15
Attendance required at playback of final projects on Wednesday and Friday! DUE Tue (12/9): Final Project

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