Master of Music: Computer Music Composition

The Composition Department of the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music offers a Master of Music degree in Computer Music Composition.

Students with an undergraduate degree in Music Composition or Electronic/Computer Music (or equivalent) are encouraged to apply for this degree program. While substantial computer music training is not a prerequisite, admission to the degree program will require an undergraduate background in musical skills and a degree in acoustic and/or electronic composition or demonstrated equivalent. The degree provides a rigorous training in both musical and technical areas with a focus on composing. Students will work in the state-of-the-art Center for Electronic and Computer Music facilities and have access to campus-wide high technology as well as the extraordinary talents of approximately 1600 performance students.

The MM:CMC degree may also be taken concurrently or consecutively with the MM degree in Music Composition, sharing the same core courses.

Application Procedure
Applicants must submit a portfolio of electronic, multimedia and/or acoustic compositions (scores/recordings/videos) and a complete list of compositions with dates. Scores are not required for solely electronic or video works. For multichannel works, a stereo mix must be uploaded with application materials. If desired, a link from a host, such as Dropbox or GoogleDrive can be provided on the list of works for downloading the individual mono channel stems for multichannel works, which must be clearly labeled (i.e. L, R, Ls, Rs).  Similarly, video works should be hosted via Youtube, Vimeo, etc., and a link to the work provided in the list of compositions.  Do not upload video or multichannel works with application materials. More detailed application/audition information.  

Supplemental application materials (scores, recordings, list of works) must be uploaded by December 1 by all applicants who would like priority consideration for financial assistance and who are planning to enter the School of Music in the following fall semester. After a review of submitted scores and recordings by the composition faculty, a limited number of applicants will be invited to interview on the Bloomington campus during audition weekends. Those invited to interview should be prepared for a brief ear-training examination (identification of intervals, triads, etc.) and should bring copies of their materials (and scores where applicable) for use at the interview. 

International applicants who are invited to interview are welcome to travel to Bloomington, but we can also offer the possibility of conducting the interview over Skype.

To apply, please visit this link: From here, you may begin the application process online. If you have specific questions about the degree, your qualifications, or the Center for Electronic and Computer Music in general, please contact Prof. John Gibson (email: johgibso @— however, please use the Admissions link to apply and submit materials.

Specific details of the degree requirements may be found here: MM in Computer Music Composition degree requirements

REMINDER: The recommended deadline for receipt of materials is December 1