Using the PC88 to control a K2000R with Performer

This document provides instructions for using a Kurzweil PC88 keyboard to control a Performer/K2000 session. A common problem encountered is that when sequencing, the composer hears two timbres (one unwanted) when recording a track -- the desired patch resulting from Performer remapping an incoming channel message to the Tracks MIDI Channel assignment and a second unwanted timbre which corresponds to the K2000 patch being triggered directly from the PC88. The solution used below is to set the K2000 to a silent patch on the PC88 MIDI Transmit channel. If this all seems very confusing, just follow the instructions below.

You must follow this list in exact order in order for it to be effective.

This document prepared by Prof. Jeffrey Hass, Indiana University School of Music, Center for Electronic and Computer Music, 7/17/95.
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