This syllabus includes lecture topics, tutorial assignments, reading assignments, and exam dates. Click on a tutorial assignment link to get a description of the assignment.

Reading assignments are listed together with the relevant lectures and are due on the week listed. It is highly recommended that readings be done in advance of the lectures to facilitate maximum comprehension.

Short content quizzes pertaining to the week’s readings will be administered at the beginning of some Tuesday classes.

The dates given in the Dates column are for the Tuesday lecture.

Dates Lecture Topics Reading Tutorial
Week 1
Course overview, scheduling, synthesis with Absynth Absynth Concepts and Terms
Absynth manual (IU only)
We DO have tutorials this week!
Assignment 1
Week 2
Modulation synthesis (AM, FM) Audio-rate Frequency Modulation (Hass)
FM Study Guide
Downloadable FM app (Hass)
John Chowning FM article (IU only)
DUE: Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Week 3
Sound Processing Techniques I: phase vocoder, convolution, MQ analysis/resynthesis (programs: SoundHack (free), SPEAR (free)) Phase Vocoding (Hass)
Convolution (Hass)
Convolution (Truax)

PV & Convolution Study Guide

Software info:
SoundHack manual (IU only)

Suggested Optional Technical Reading
Dartmouth FFT chapters:
Fourier and the Sum of Sines
Problems with the FFT
Some Alternatives to the FFT
DUE: Assignment 2
Assignment 3
Week 4
Sound Processing Techniques II: granular synthesis, spectral delay, channel vocoder Barry Truax: Granulation of Sampled Sound
Granulation of Sampled Sounds
Granulator app
SpectralDelay app
DUE: Assignment 3
Assignment 4
Week 5
MaxMSP: Max I Max Quickstart (1-7)
40 Max Objects You Should Know
We expect you to explore the resources available on the Max Help menu, File Browser, Inspector, and Reference sidebar. Also, check out the developer’s web site: Cycling '74. Many issues addressed in the Cycling forums (free signup).

Edu options for buying or using MAX at home

Download and begin to work through:
Jeff Stolet’s Max/MSP/Jitter tutorials (IU only)
DUE: Assignment 4
Assignment 5
Week 6
MaxMSP: Max II Max Quickstart (8-13)
40 Max Objects You Should Know
DUE: Assignment 5
Assignment 6
Week 7
MaxMSP: MSP I MSP Quickstart (1-4)
40 MSP Objects You Should Know
DUE: Assignment 6
Assignment 7
Week 8
MaxMSP: MSP II MSP Quickstart (5-8)
DUE: Assignment 7
Assignment 8
Week 9
MIDTERM EXAM (in Parsifal Room) Exam review sheet
Spring Break

Week 10
MaxMSP: MSP III Project structures, more complex objects and patches
pattr example
DUE: Assignment 8
Week 11
MaxMSP: MSP IV Putting it all together: structuring complete pieces with MAX/MSP: 3 scenarios

CECM Extras package
(Put this in "Documents/Max 7/Packages", then choose "CECM Extras Overview" from Extras menu.)
Start Final Project
Week 12
Electronic Music History and Literature I: early studios, musique concrète, elektronische Musik, Karlheinz Stockhausen class visit Classic Playlist
Electronic Music History Powerpoint slides (Hass)
Electronic Music Timelime (Hass)
Continue Final Project
Week 13
Electronic Music History and Literature II: computer music pioneers Digital Pioneers Playlist
Digital Music History Powerpoint slides (Hass)
Continue Final Project
Week 14
Electronic Music History and Literature III: More recent computer music developments and literature Digital Music History Powerpoint slides (Hass) DUE: Preliminary Draft of Final Project
Week 15
TEST: Electronic/computer music history and literature Continue Final Project
(Finals Week)

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