Introduction to Computer Music: Volume One

Using a Kurzweil PC88 to control a K2xxxR with Digital Performer

This document provides instructions for using a Kurzweil PC88 keyboard to control a Digital Performer/K2xxxR session (K2000R, K2500R, K2600R). A common problem encountered is that when sequencing, the composer hears two timbres (one unwanted) when recording a track -- the desired patch resulting from Performer remapping an incoming channel message to the track's MIDI Channel assignment and a second unwanted timbre which corresponds to the K2xxxR patch being triggered directly from the PC88. The solution used below is to set the K2000 to a silent patch on the PC88 MIDI Transmit channel. If this all seems very confusing, just follow the instructions below. You should follow this list in exact order.

• On the PC88, press "MIDI Transmit" (next to LED display). The Top LED line should read "Zone: 1 -- if it doesn't, press the Zone 1 button. Turn the Alpha wheel or +/- buttons until bottom line of LED reads MIDI Channel: 16 -- you can actually use any MIDI channel, adjust each mention of MIDI channel 16 below to whatever you choose.

• On the K2000, press the PROGRAM mode button. Then press the PANIC softbutton (the one above the EFFECTS mode button). This will normalize any controller data left over from the last user.

• Tap the UP and DOWN triangular CHAN/BANK buttons until the K2000 display reads Channel: 16 in the upper right-hand corner. Type 0 (zero) on the keypad and press enter. You have just set the K2000 to play nothing when it receives Ch.16 data directly from the PC88. Instead, you will rely on Performer's Patch Thru/Autochannelize function to remap the PC88's Ch. 16 message to a record-enabled Track's MIDI channel so that you hear the desired program when recording.

• Record-enable the Track you want to play from the PC88. Select a DFLT. PATCH for that Track.

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