Loading Programs into a Kurzweil K2000

A K2000 comes with 200 (withoutORCH ROM) built-in programs which reside in Program numbers 1-200. The CECM studios, however, have extensive libraries of addition programs on both CD-ROM and SCSI Hard Drive. As you become familiar with programming, you may also wish to store your work on both the Hard Drive and an external back-up, such as our EZDrive.

This document gives simple, step-by-step directions for locating and loading these programs into the K2000. Many of these programs have large numbers of samples, so the loading process may take a minute or two. If you are using these programs in the preparation of a sequence, make a note of how you load them in, so that you can duplicate the process for each session. It is a common mistake to create sequences with patch changes which no longer correspond to the original programs.