MOTU Digital Performer Menus
File Edit Region Basics Change Audio Windows
New Undo Transpose Play Selection Change Key Direct Line Outputs Open
Open Cut Quantize Step Record Change Meter Dither Close
Load Copy Groove Quantize MIDI Patch Thru Change Tempo Strip Silence Next Edit Window
Close Copy to Clipping Wind. Create Groove Audio Patch Thru Set Loop Fade Window Sets
Save Paste Smart Quantize Set View Filter Clear Loops Delete Fades Clippings
Save As Erase Humanize Set Events List View Filt. Adjust Beats Bounce to Disk Consoles
Save A Copy As Repeat Deflam Set Input Filter Record Beats Merge Soundbites Audio Monitor
Revert to Saved Merge Change Velocity Set Event Chasing Insert Measures Fade In Audio Names
Save as New Template Snip Change Duration Auto Scroll Remap Devices Fade Out Background Processing
Unisyn Performance Splice Split Notes Colors   Normalize Chunks
Page Setup Shift MIDI Effects Plug-ins Automation Setup   Spectral Effects Control Panel
Print Window Set Nudge Amount Thin Continuous Data Edit FreeMIDI Config   Plug-Ins Counter
Preferences Split Change Cont. Data Control Surface Setup     Set Soundbite Tempo Device Groups
Data Display Prefs Trim Reassign Cont. Data Frame Rate   Copy Seq. Tempo to Soundbite Effects
Quit Show Clipboard Invert Pitch Receive Sync   Clear Soundbite Tempo Input Quantize
  Search Reverse Time Transmit Sync   Adj. Soundbites to Seq. Tempo Memory
  Select All Retrograde Click   Adj. Seq. To Soundbite Tempo MIDI Machine Cont.
  Deselect All Scale Time FreeMIDI Sync   Layering MIDI Monitor
  Smart Selections Scale Tempos Slave to External Sync   Time Stamps Mixing Board
  Cursor Selection Mode Capture RT MIDI Effects Click and Cntoff. Options   Time Stamps Movie
Take Automation Snapshot Audio System   Set/Clear Sync Points Polar
Mute Region  
Audio System Options   Duplicate Quickscribe
Clear Mute Automation  
Audio System Clock   Reload Soundbite Remote Controls
Sync Audio to Time Code   Replace Soundbite Samplers
      Panic   Edit in Waveform Editor Soundbites
Use External Waveform Ed. 

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