Utility Distribution

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Kevin Bucy

820 N. Walnut Grove
Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone: (812)855-9944
E-mail: kbucy@indiana.edu

The Utility Distribution Group operates and maintains 722.6 Km (449 miles) worth of distribution systems which transport chilled water, electric power, natural gas, domestic/drinking water, sanitary-sewer/waste water, storm water, and steam and steam condensate.

Chilled Water Systems

  • 23.5 Km (14 miles) of chilled water lines distribute chilled water to cool 6 million square feet of campus buildings.
  • Total chilled water capacity; 17,917 cooling tons (215 million btu/hr).

Electrical Systems

  • Campus Lighting circuits and street light maintenance. Distribution maintains 2,894 street and path lights.
  • Electrical power distribution, including 4,160 and 12,700 High Voltage electric circuits on campus.
  • 174 Km (108 miles) of High Voltage conductors, 633 High Voltage transformers, and 177 Km (110 miles) of outdoor lighting and power circuits.
  • IU Bloomington purchases approximately $22 million worth of electricity from Duke Energy each year.
  • Special Note: If you notice an IU street light is out, copy the light no. and call 855-8728 or 855-9514, or email the Distribution Supervisor at reporter@indiana.edu.

Natural Gas

  • Distribution maintains 2.1 Km (1.3 miles) of natural gas piping.
  • Natural gas is purchased from Vectren.

Drinking/Potable Water Systems

  • 56 Km (34.5 miles) of domestic water lines/pipes.
  • 132 Fire Hydrants.
  • Conduct periodic drinking/potable water quality sampling.
  • Water is purchased from City of Bloomington Utilities.

Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water Systems

  • 96 Km (59.6 miles) of sanitary sewer and storm water systems.
  • Sanitary sewer water services purchased from City of Bloomington Utilities.

Steam Distribution

  • Distribute 1.275 trillion pounds of steam per year to heat 12 million square feet of campus buildings.
  • 34 Km (21 miles) of Steam and Steam Condensate piping.

Utility Tunnels

  • 17,499 cubic meters (618,000 cubic feet) of underground utility tunnels.

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