Utility Information Group

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Lee Walters

820 N. Walnut Grove
Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone: (812)855-2752
E-mail: lewalter@indiana.edu

The Utility Information Group (UIG) is the central clearinghouse for information about utilities on IU campuses. The UIG locates, meters and documents all utility activity on the IUB campus. The UIG is also responsible for the documentation and issuing of excavation permits for work performed on the IUB campus. The UIG reads meters for campus water, steam, gas and electric and maintains historical information of utility consumption. The UIG is also involved in a variety of conservation efforts across campus through involvement with faculty, staff and students.

Our offices are located on the 3rd floor of the Central Heating Plant.

  • Locating

    Before you dig...

    If you need a utility located or have questions about excavation permits, contact Don Goodwin, Systems Coordinator of the UIG. You may contact him at the office by phone at 856-1147. His email is drgoodwi@indiana.edu. To request a locate call 855-3740. For locate information from the State of Indiana, call 1-800-382-5544.

  • Metering

    An automated radio-read metering system has been installed on the IUB campus. Meters that can communicate with this system have been installed for water, steam, electric and gas. These meters are able to report back readings to the desktop. The UIG has almost completed work on this project.

  • Documentation and Mapping

    All utilities that are repaired, replaced or installed are documented by the UIG. Measurements are taken, GPS is used and digital pictures are taken to maintain a record of work performed on all utilities. These changes are then added to an ArcGIS map that is constantly being updated by the UIG. This map contains the most accurate and detailed data about utility types and locations on the IUB campus. A link to Campus Maps can be found at: http://www.indiana.edu/~vpcpf/campus-maps/index.shtml

  • Conservation

    The UIG works with faculty, staff and students to help with conservation issues for all utilities on campus. The UIG has a student intern year-round through the IU Office of Sustainability to work within academic and administrative buildings to raise awareness and build support for conservation

  • Library

    A library of documents and drawings pertaining to Utilities work on campus is maintained on the 3rd floor of the Central Heating Plant. It contains documents and drawings from the 1940’s to present day.