Adapted from Engs, R.C. Alcohol and Other Drugs: Self Responsibility, Tichenor Publishing Company, Bloomington, IN, 1987.


There are various forms of tobacco. Tobacco involves harvesting and curing leaves by certain drying techniques which prepares the product for consumption. Tobacco is manufactured in cigarettes, pipes, cigars, etc... Smokeless tobacco is available in two forms: chewing tobacco and snuff. Chewing tobacco is a form of shredded tobacco which is placed between the lower lip and gum. Snuff is a powdered form of tobacco that is clenched in the mouth or inhaled through the nose. Some users believe that smokeless tobacco is a safer alterative in tobacco users. In any form, tobacco leads to addiction which has many risk factors.

A. Risks of Smoking.

B. Chemicals in Smoke.

C. How to Quit Smoking