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Indiana University Bloomington


If you enrolled during the 2014-2015 academic year:

Total 33 hours

L260 - Introduction to the Advanced Study of Literature(3 credit hours)

One (1) course chosen from L203, L204, L205, L206

L310 - Literary History 1: Beginnings through the Seventeenth Century

L312 - Literary History 2: Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

L316 - Literary History 3: Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries

L371 - Critical Practices(3 credit hours)

W231 Professional Writing Skills (3 credit hours)

W350 Advanced Expository Writing (3 credit hours)

Two courses (6 credit hours)in Public and Professional Writing, of which at least 3 credit hours must be at or above the 300 level, chosen from the following list:
L240 Literature and Public Life
W240 Community Service Writing
W270 Argumentative Writing
W280 Literary Editing and Publishing
W321 Advanced Technical Writing
G302 Structure of Modern English
G405 Studies in English Language
L498 Internship in English (with approval, up to 3 credit hours of L498 internship in editing may be applied to the concentration).

One additional course in English (3 credit hours) at the 400 level. If the student completes G405 or L498 from the Public and Professional Writing list above, then this additional course in English must be at or above the 100 level. A full list of course options may be found in the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin.