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Historical Distribution


English majors enrolled at IU Bloomington before Fall 2014 are required to complete one course from each of four historic periods: Beginnings through the Sixteenth Century, Sixteenth through Eighteenth Centuries, the Nineteenth Century, and 1900 to the Present. They may , in consultation with their advisor, request an exception to count one or more of the following courses in their historical distribution requirements:

  • L310: Literary History 1: Beginnings through the Seventeenth Century
  • L312: Literary History 2: Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
  • L316: Literary History 3: Twentieth Century to the Present

Beginnings through the Sixteenth Century:

  • E301: Literatures in English to 1600*
  • L305: Chaucer
  • L306: Middle English Literature
  • L307: Medieval and Tudor Drama

Sixteenth through Eighteenth Centuries:

  • E302: Literatures in English, 1600-1800*
  • L308: Elizabethan Drama and Its Background
  • L309: Elizabethan Poetry
  • L313: Early Plays of Shakespeare
  • L314: Late Plays of Shakespeare
  • L317: English Poetry of the Early Seventeenth Century
  • L318: Milton
  • L320: Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century Literature
  • L327: Later Eighteenth-Century Literature
  • L328: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama
  • L347: British Fiction to 1800
  • L350: Early American Writing and Culture to 1800

The Nineteenth Century:

  • E303: Literatures in English, 1800-1900*
  • L332: Romantic Literature
  • L335: Victorian Literature
  • L348: Nineteenth-Century British Fiction
  • L351: American Literature 1800-1865
  • L352: American Literature 1865-1914
  • L355: American Fiction to 1900
  • L356: American Poetry to 1900

1900 to the Present:

  • E304: Literatures in English, 1900-Present*
  • L345: Twentieth-Century British Poetry
  • L346: Twentieth-Century British Fiction
  • L354: American Literature since 1914
  • L357: Twentieth-Century American Poetry
  • L358: American Literature, 1914-1960
  • L359: American Literature, 1960-present
  • L366: Modern Drama: English, Irish, American, and Post-Colonial
  • L380: Literary Modernism
  • L381: Recent Writing
  • L383: Studies in British and Commonwealth Culture (when subject is 20th Century)

*No longer offered at IUB after Summer 2014