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Indiana University Bloomington

Internships in English

INDIANA REVIEW, Summer and Fall 2016

Internship in Editing and Publishing

Indiana Review seeks 3 interns for both the Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 semesters. During this time we will be in production for our Winter 2016 issue, running three of our annual Literary Prize contests, promoting the 2017 Blue Light Books Prize and Reading Series, and participating in small conferences and events.

The IR staff is very much a team and interns should expect to work closely with the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor as well as other interns and senior staff. You should expect to collaborate on daily duties and projects both within and beyond your specific job position.

Applicants should familiarize themselves with IR by reading back issues (available for purchase or check out in Ballantine 529) and spending some time on our website.

Please submit a detailed cover letter that addresses which internship position or positions you are most interested in and be sure to include specific examples of the skills you feel make you ideal for a position with Indiana Review. Donít fret if you donít have the exact qualifications we desire for any given position. Ultimately weíre looking for hard-working, hilarious people who are interested in new experiences and challenges.

Web & Publicity Intern
The Web & Publicity intern is responsible for maintaining and growing IRís web presence through social media and advertising. This position also provides critical assistance to our exciting annual Blue Light reading series and to our annual Literary Prize contests. We are looking for someone who can develop, maintain, and grow our online presence with a unique, consistent, and engaging voice. This position is less about technical mastery (though we love that!) and more about a willingness to delve into multiple projects, think creatively, and engage with a larger literary audience. Experience with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wordpress, Outlook, and Word desired. Familiarity with Saved by the Bell gifs required.

Prize Intern
The Prize intern assists in advertising and publicizing our 2016 Half-K Prize, 2016 Fiction Prize and 2016 Nonfiction Prize. This intern processes and tracks prize submissions and works with senior staff and the Web & Publicity intern. A literary contest has many moving parts and weíre looking for a detail-oriented candidate that can keep all those parts running as smoothly as possible. Familiarity with Wordpress, Word, Outlook, and Excel desired. Familiarity with productive sarcasm and puns required.

Contracts & Subscriptions Intern
Since we have a full calendar, this position is often split between two people. Contracts and Subscriptions interns are responsible for processing subscription and single-issue orders, responding to customer service requests, maintaining our subscriptions database, and helping to coordinate subscription drives efforts. These detail-oriented interns also work directly with authors, distributing and processing contracts. Both positions are critical to issue production. Experience with Excel, databases, Outlook, and collaborative projects desired. Familiarity with 80s pop Pandora radio required.

To be eligible for any one of these internships, you must have a College and major of 3.0 or better and must have 12 credits in English at the 200-level or above, including L202 or L260. If you are interested in serving, email both a resume and a letter of application to IU English Internship Program, Department of English, c/o Jody Hays (, by the deadline specified below. In the letter you should mention any previous experience in journalism or publishing, your course work in English, your reasons for being interested in the internship, and a short statement about what type of fiction and poetry you read, offering (by name) a few examples. We would prefer to select practicing writers, if possible, but anyone who is seriously interested in the magazine should apply. Please also list your class standing, campus address, email address, telephone number, and student ID number. The final selection of interns will be made by the editor of Indiana Review.

Application deadline extended!