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Indiana University Bloomington

Degree Programs


Master of Arts Degree with Concentration in Literature

(Requirements for students entering the MA or PhD programs prior to 2010.)

Course Requirements. A minimum of 30 hours, including either an L680 or a 700-level seminar; at least one course must be chosen from each of four of the following areas:

  • Medieval British Literature and Culture
  • Early Modern British Literature and Culture
  • British and/or American Literature and Culture 1640-1830
  • British and/or American Literature and Culture 1800-1900 (including Celtic, Transatlantic, African-American)
  • Literatures in English, Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries (including African-American, Hispanic/Latina(o), Asian American, Postcolonial)
  • Literacy, Pedagogy, Composition Theory, Literary Theory, English Language.

International students whose native language is not English must take L500. Up to eight credit hours in graduate courses outside the department may, with the prior approval of the Director of Graduate Studies, be counted toward the degree.

Thesis. Optional; if elected, 4 hours of credit.

Final Examination. None.

Note. Some courses (e.g. L666, L680, L715, L753, L761, L763, L769, L776, L779, L780) may fulfill area requirements, depending on their content; see the Director of Graduate Studies for approval. Students intending to apply for the Ph.D. program should take two 700-level seminars as part of their M.A. programs.