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Indiana University Bloomington

Academic Resources

Bloomington Bookstores

  • Barnes and Noble
    2813 East 3rd St., 331-0669
    Decent mainstream theory section; special order service. Has a "literary cafe" on premises. Can be expensive.
  • The Book Loft
    45 S. Jefferson St., 988-0202
    Does not carry textbooks, but can special order just about anything.
  • The Book Rack
    223 S. Pete Ellis Drive, 339-1169
    If you’re in the mood for a quick read paperback, this is the store for you. Good bargains.
  • Borders Books and Music
    Eastland Plaza, 2634 East 3rd St., 333-5500
    Decent mainstream theory section, and theory by IU professors; special order service. Has a "Cafe Espresso" on premises. Like Barnes and Noble, bit pricey.
  • Caveat Emptor
    112 N. Walnut, 332-9995
    Used and rare books. Interesting selection; can be extremely expensive, but every so often you’ll discover a bargain.
  • Howard’s Bookstore
    111 W. Kirkwood, 336-7662
    Retail bookstore; special order service. Standard cover prices.
  • Indiana University Bookstore
    Indiana Memorial Union Bldg., 855-4352
    The main source for university courses. Carries, of course, all course texts. They offer on-line Textbook Reservation for undergrad as well as grad students which helps prevent the possibility of you having to compete with those who did not take advantage of the reservation service. They also have a special order service. VISA, Master Card, and Discover credit cards accepted. Locations are at the IMU and in Eigenmann residence hall.
  • TIS College Bookstore
    1302 East 3rd St., 332-3306
    IU bookstore's largest competitor. Almost all course texts are available early in the semester, but if you're looking for used texts can be scare by mid-semester; prices are usually about 10% below IU, but not in all cases. We recommend comparison shopping between IU and TIS for the best bargains. All major credit cards and local checks accepted.

Copy Centers

  • Courthouse Square Quickprint
    108 W. 6th, 322-7550. M-F 9-5. 6 cents a copy.
    Services the downtown community, located right across from the Courthouse.
  • Copies and More
    IMU, 855-1711. M-F 8:30-5. 6 cents per copy.
    Located in the Indiana Memorial Union, Wells Library, and Eigenmann residence hall, Copies and More is very convenient if you are unable to use the copiers in Ballantine. They also make overheads and sell basic office supplies. Hours of operation are available here.
  • Kinko’s Copies
    907 S. College Mall Rd., 336-1702. 24 hours a day. 7 cents per copy; double-sided 13 cents per copy.
    Kinko’s can be quite busy, and quite frustrating at times. However, as one of the few 24 hour services in town, it can also be a lifesaver at 2 am. FAX, color copies, binding services available.

IU Copy Card Machine Locations

  • Mail Boxes Etc.
    899 S. College Mall Rd., 331-9990. M-F 9-6, S-S 9-3. 24 Hour access with purchase of copy card. If you purchase a prepaid copy card, your copy rates drops from 7 cents/copy to 6 cents/copy. If you are willing to invest a large amount of money on a copy card (over $300) your rate drops to 4 cents/copy, otherwise the standard self-copy rate is 7 cents/copy.
  • Mr. Copy
    10th and Dunn, 334-2679. M-TH 8-9, F 8-5:30, Sat 8-5, Sun 1-9. 6 cents per copy before 5; 4 cents after 5 p.m.
    Another often busy store, limited parking, especially close to finals. Close to the main library. FAX, binding, color copy services available.