Co-Director Jean Beard"s CV

Currently: Jean is Professor Emerita in the Biology Department at San Jose State University in California. At SJSU she was director of the Science Education Program, and taught general education science to college students. She has concentrated on improving evolution education and education about the nature of science. Her email address is

University of Iowa (1956, BA in General Science)
University of Northern Iowa (1960, MA in General Science)
Oregon State University (1969, PhD in Science Education)

Teaching Experience:  
Rochester, MN Public Schools (1956-1961):  Gen Sci grades 7-9 at Central Jr. H.S. in Rochester MN; 7th: Life Sci, 8th: Earth Sci

Mankato State University, Wilson Campus School (1961-1965): H.S. Biology  (Mankato, MN)

Oregon State Univ. (1965-1968): Science Education

San Jose State University (1969-2005): Natural Science and Science Education

Administrative, Business, or Professional Experience (other than teaching):
Director of Science Education Program, San Jose State University

Administered and taught in NSF supported "Evolution and Nature of Science Institutes", 1989-98.

Memberships: NSTA (life), NABT (Life), NCSE, AAAS (Fellow) CSTA.

Special activities of interest: NSF grants for SCIS and ENSI institutes for teachers, CCTC panel on Science Standards for Single Subject Teachers, Natl Acad Of Sci panel on Inservice Programs for Science Teaching.

Selected Publications:
Nickels, Martin K., C.E. Nelson and J. Beard (1996) Better Biology Teaching by Emphasizing Evolution & the Nature of Science, The American Biology Teacher, 58(6):332-336.

Nelson, Craig E., M.K. Nickels and J. Beard (1998) The Nature of Science as a Foundation for Teaching Science: Evolution as a Case Study. In Wm. F. McComas (Ed.) The Nature of Science in Science Education Rationales and Strategies. (pp. 315-328) London, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Beard, Jean (2007) Using Historical Explanations, Connect, 20(3), January/February. Synergy Learning. Connect is no longer being published, so this paper is no longer available.