Evo101 Workshop for Science Educators
Friday June 17th, 2016, Austin, Texas
8:30am - 4 pm, Austin Convention Center

Evolutionary biology is a dynamic and exciting field.  Science educators in the Austin area are invited to join evolutionary biologists and other science educators for “Evolution 101”– a one day workshop to be held at Austin Convention Center on June 17.   Come learn about recent research in the field of evolution, talk with evolutionary biologists, and attend sessions that feature hands-on activities for teaching evolution to all ages. Supported by the Society for the Study of Evolution Education Committee and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
Morning Session: The Secret Life of Dinosaurs and the Origin of BirdsAfternoon Session: Declawing the Dinosaurs: Lowering Teacher Anxiety about Evolution in the Science Classroom
Evening Session: Carl Zimmer: The Surviving Branch: How Genomes Are Revealing The Twisted Course of Human Evolution

NOTE: REGISTRATION INVOLVES TWO STEPS. FIRST REGISTER AND THEN PAY. The $25 registration fee that covers lunch, and free resources will be available.
1. Google form: For Registration http://tinyurl.com/Evo101Registration
2. Event Brite: For Payment http://tinyurl.com/Evo101Payment

For more information: http://www.evolutionmeetings.org/uploads/4/8/8/0/48804503/2016evo101schedule.pdf
Please join the Society for the Study of Evolution for a public lecture by Carl Zimmer, science writer.
Additional information on the Gould Prize can be found here: