Evolution: Education & Outreach Journal

Courtesy of Publisher Springer

NOTICE: This entire journal is now FREE to all users, thanks to publisher Springer (as of Dec. 2013). If you want to search through any of the other volumes/issues of the Evolution: Education & Outreach journal, you'll be happy to hear that it is now "Open Access", FREE to all users. Just click here: Evolution: Education and Outreach - Springer. and you can select the volume and issue number desired. Actually, to see a list of all volumes and issues to date, along with the topics focused on for each issue, click on Evo Ed & Outreach Topics. You can click/access any issue in the list to go directly to that issue.

If you want to use some of the figures for a PPT presentation or overhead, use the "VIEW" (HTML) version - the figures are sharper and can be clicked and dragged to your desktop. If those aren't sharp enough, maybe you could email the author and nicely request a sharper JPG version of certain desired illustrations. The email address for each author is included in the article, and I suspect that they would be happy to comply if you explain what you are trying to do. Or email the webmaster. A couple of the authors have sent me high res versions of some of their diagrams. Just be specific in your request.