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These are excellent and useful articles by professional scientists about the many aspects of evolutionary science and the teaching of those topics, for secondary and university teachers. Each issue includes an editorial, curriculum / education articles, several original scientific articles, and media reviews.

The Topic Issue listed below for each issue means several (or most) articles feature that topic. Other articles of interest (and topics) are also included. When you have time, feel free to browse any particular issue, searching for articles of particular interest. Notice that the volumes and issues are listed in reverse order of their publication (volume 6, issue 1 is the most recently published).

NOTICE: This journal is now FREE to all users, thanks to publisher Springer LInk(as of Dec. 2013). If you want to search through any of the other volumes/issues of the Evolution: Education & Outreach journal, you'll be happy to hear that it is now "Open Access", FREE to all users. Just click here: Evolution: Education and Outreach - Springer. and you can select the volume and issue number desired.

If you want to use some of the figures for a PowerPoint presentation or overhead, use the "VIEW" (HTML) version - the figures are sharper and can be clicked and dragged to your desktop. If those aren't sharp enough, maybe you could email the author and nicely request a sharper JPG version of certain desired illustrations. The email address for each author is included in the article, and I suspect that they would be happy to comply if you explain what you are trying to do. Or email the webmaster. A couple of the authors have sent me high res versions of some of their diagrams. Just be specific in your request.

Just click on the desired underlined Issue Number to get online listing of articles (for viewing and/or downloading as PDF files):


Volume 7 (2014) only one issue:
Issue 1 December: Teaching evolution

Volume 6 (2013) only one issue:
Issue 1 December: Teach Evolution

Volume 5 (2012):
Issue 4 December: Biogeography: The Geography of Evolution
Issue 3 September: Origin and Early Evolution of Life
Issue 2 June: Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Issue 1 March: Museums and Evolution

Volume 4 (2011):
Issue 4 December: Special Issue: Evolution and Medicine
Issue 3 September: Special Issue: Material Cultural Evolution
Issue 2 June: Special Issue: Evolutionary Theory and its Application to New World Settlement Studies
Issue 1 March: Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) Consortium

Volume 3 (2010):
Issue 4 December: Phylogenies, Evol Trees
Issue 3 September: Human Evolution
Issue 2 June: Teach Evolution
Issue 1 March: Special Issue: Coevolution

Volume 2 (2009):
Issue 4 December: Evolution of Morality
Issue 3 September: Teach Evolution
Issue 2 June: Special Issue: Transitional Fossils
Issue 1 March: Darwin

Volume 1 (2008):
Issue 4 October: Special Issue: The Evolution of Eyes
Issue 3 July: Teach Evolution
Issue 2 April: Teach Evolution
Issue 1 January: Hierarchy

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