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Recent (Sep 2015) Announcement of New Early Human Discovery
Middle School Teacher close to Homo naledi discovery

Evolution Teachers: share the excitement of discovering the gold mine of hominin fossils in South Africa with Dallas middle school teacher John Mead. John is interviewed by Stephanie Keep of NCSE in a two-part post on the Science League of America blog: Part 1 and Part 2

Use this awesome discovery as a stimulus to give your students an opportunity of working closely with resin casts of full size fossil skulls of hominins and modern humans and chimpanzees: Use the "Skulls" lab and Chronology Lab from ENSI to do this. [If you don't have copies of the fossil hominin skulls, check with local university, or at least use the photos provided in the Skulls lab]. Then follow this with the narrative from teacher John Mead as he is included by paleoanthropologist Dr. Lee Berger to participate in that latest hominin discovery of Homo naledi

You might even want to have your students watch the NOVA-National Geographic special program "Dawn of Humanity" that chronicles the exciting discoveries of Australopithecus sediba and Homo naledi in South Africa. At least preview the two hour video online, and select some segments to share with your students, inviting them to watch the entire program at home.