ENSI Lessons That Meet STEM, NGSS, and CCSS
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Several of the ENSI lessons contain elements appropriate for STEM teaching (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), as well as NGSS and CCS (Common Core Standards). They deal with scientific argumentation, scientific creativity, functional design, applications of math, and some with the potential for reverse engineering and competitive engineering. Others use molecular data obtained from online data banks; one of these is actually a tutorial so students can find and download desired online data, and use online tools for processing data.

For desired lessons, go to the NOS (Nature of Science) index, or the Evolution index, as appropriate.

A. ENSI NOS lessons that illustrateSCIENTIFIC CREATIVITY (mostly for hypothesizing reasonable, testable explanations, designing tests of those hypotheses, and using argumentation); The following are in the NOS (Nature of Science) index:
Flat Earth
Magic Hooey Stick (reverse engineering)
Perception Not Always Reality (T-illusion, other illusions)
The Great Volume Exchanger (reverse engineering)
Mystery Boxes (reverse engineering)
Sketch a Scientist (or sketch an engineer, or sketch a mathematician)
Checks Lab (proposing plausible scenarios based on evidence)

The following are in the Evolution index:
Blocks & Screws (creative solutions: re-purposing previous structures/processes)
Origami Birds (competitive engineering and natural selection)

C. ENSI lessons that use and apply MATH in science:
The following are in the NOS (Nature of Science) index:
(NOS) Oat Seed Lab (statistical analysis, growth measurements, graphing)
(NOS) Perception Not Always Reality (rotational degrees, measurement, % error)
(NOS) How’s Your Horoscope? (calculate likely results due to chance).

The following lessons are all in the Evolution index:
Patterns in Time (scale)
Lengthy Relationships (measuring stride, etc., finding body size)
Footsteps in Time (measure foot length, graphic extrapolation for body size)
Laetoli Trackway Puzzle (observations/inferences, measurements)
Virtual Age-Dating (online tutorial: calculating isochron ratios for geological ages)
Varve Dating (counting varves per cm, extrapolating to many meters)
Born to Run (measure, data collection, graph preparation)
Origami Birds (measure, data collection, presentation and analysis; engineering?)
What Darwin Never Saw: Natural Selection Simulation (& other finch beak studies)
Island Geography and Evolution: A Lizard Tale (& see Extensions & Variations)


D. ENSI lessons using molecular sequences obtained from online DATA BANKS & TOOLS: [These are all in the Evolution index)
Tutorial: Investigating Evolutionary Questions Using Online Molecular Databases
Molecular Sequences & Primate Evolution
Molecular Biology and Phylogeny
Chromosome Fusion
Whale Ankles and DNA
Pseudogene Suite (part A or part B)

E. Common Core-related lessons in the ENSI collection that require reading and interpreting scientific material (besides the math-using and argumentation lessons mentioned above):
Flat Earth (
CONPTT (Science vs Non-Science) (NOS)
Women’s Brains (bias)
Contrivances: Orchids & Panda's Thumb (Evolution index)
Science Surprises: Exploring the Nature of Science (e-text supplement using ENSI NOS lessons in a comprehensive NOS Unit).

For desired lessons, go to the NOS (Nature of Science) index, or the Evolution index, as appropriate.

F. Natural Selection Being Used in Technology

G. Scientific Argumentation Strategies (required by NGSS and CCSS).