PG Opportunity at UC Riverside:
"Developing Inquiry-Based Lesson Plans
for High School Evolutionary Biology"

11-15 July 2016
Monday-Friday, 9-12:30 and 1:30-5:00
University of California, Riverside

We invite applications for a 1-week workshop to provide training in the use and development of active-learning exercises in evolutionary biology, geared towards the high school level.

Participants will first be introduced to some existing exercises, such as "Born to Run" ( and "Champs, Chirps, and Twerps: What do we choose in mates? (

We will then choose one or more ideas for development and create the lesson plan, to be hosted on the IDEA website (

Participants will have an opportunity to develop customized plans for their students while connecting their experience with real-world science in practice.

Lesson plans will be developed in the light of Next Generation Science Standards and implementing three-dimensional learning strategies.

Participants, limited to 7, will receive a financial incentive of up to $500 after completion of the workshop.

Apply online at:

Applications are due by Friday, 20 May 2016


Funding is provided by the National Science Foundation and the University of California, Riverside Institute for the Development of Educational Applications (IDEA:

Professor Theodore Garland, Jr.
phone 951-827-3524