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by Thomas Atkins and Gene Nelson



Variation and Natural Selection

One of the most creative multi-generation lessons we've seen for teaching natural selection is Bebbledwark World, created by Thomas Atkins (ENSI 92) and Gene Nelson, of Fresno, California. It's a fairly elaborate classroom simulation, requiring considerable preparation (initially), and can take 2-3 days to carry out, but it's great fun for everyone. If you happen to have an old Apple IIe kicking around, there's an interactive illustrative program to accompany the lesson. This lesson, with all instructions and materials, is now available on the web, at its own website, at Bebbledwark World. (When you click on this, you will leave the ENSI web site. To return, just click on the "Back" button of your browser.)
  The "Bebbledwark World" lesson resides off-site, over which we have no control. As of this date (6-23-09), the link seems to be working. If you find that it isn't, please let us know (contact the webmaster). In the meantime, try one of the other Natural Selection lessons on the ENSI site.