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ENSI 1992

San Jose State University

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 ENSI 92 Group Pic. at Monterey Bay Aquarium

ENSI 1992 At the Monterey Bay Aquarium

BACK ROW: Ralph Peterson, Tom Atkins, Mary Ann Henderson, Ray Potts, Victoria (Tori) Evashenk, Steve Harness, Brian Stanley, Janet (Jan) Irving, Carol Gontang, Lon Zimmerman, Bonnie Romono

MIDDLE ROW: Kathryn Sleeper, Joyce Roderick, Sandy Bedell, Sidney Hammontre (semi-crouch), Sandy Watson (full-crouch), Carol-Ann Piehl, Joe Schiel (kneeling), Eric Kuwada, Judy Loundagin, Cheryl (George) Garcia

KNEELING ROW: Andy Sullivan, Martin Nickels, Jean Sleeper, Don Parker, Larry Flammer, Beth Kramer, Maria Tillitson, Craig Nelson, Judy Armstrong, Jean Beard, Mary Cage

MISSING: Doug Ramezane, and Leslie Hays

(Pictures Courtesy of Jean Sleeper)
Beth Kramer, Sidney Hammontre, Eric Kuwada....Measuring Deep Thoughts!


Thomas Atkins and Tori Evashenk....."Going Back to Skull!"

Craig Nelson, Andy Sullivan, Doug Ramezane, Tori Evashenk, and Carol Gontang
Discussing Deep Time!


 See the "Mystery Boxes" Lesson for more pictures of ENSI 92 Teachers at work....

1992 ENSI Teachers


Judith Armstrong Salem OR
Thomas Atkins Fresno CA
Sandi Bedell Antioch CA
Mary Cage Santa Clara CA
Victoria Evashenk Cupertino CA
Larry Flammer San Jose CA
Cheryl Garcia Yorba Linda CA
Carol Gontang Cupertino CA
Sidney Hammontre Capitan NM
Steve Harness Upper Lake CA
Leslie Hays La Mesa CA
Mary Ann Henderson San Manuel AZ
Janet Irving Salem OR
Beth Kramer Conifer CO
Eric Kuwada Gilroy CA
Judy Loundagin Orange CA
Donald Parker CA
Ralph Peterson Bancroft ID
Carol-Anne Piehl Hayward CA
Raymond Potts San Jose CA
Douglas Ramezane San Jose CA
Joyce Roderick Fresno CA
Bonnie Romono Conifer CO
San Jose CA
Joseph Schiel Artesia NM
Jean Sleeper Huntington Beach CA
Kathryn Sleeper Long Beach CA
Brian Stanley Placentia CA
Andrew Sullivan Chugiak AK
Maria Tillitson Carlsbad CA
Sandra Watson San Jose CA
Lon Zimmerman Eagle River AK

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