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"The Evolution Solution"
Teaching Evolution Without Conflict
by Larry Flammer
from The American Biology Teacher March, 2006

Observations of life may sometimes contradict traditional ideas
and raise tantalizing questions.
Show how evolution answers those questions
and provides unity throughout your course.

ABSTRACT: A strategy for teaching high school biology that opens with an intensive nature-of-science unit followed by an overview of the world of organisms, living and extinct, and, their classification,. This raises many questions and enigmas, leading directly to evolution as a comprehensive solution and a unifying theme for the course. This special sequence - using specially designed student-centered lessons - is compelling and non-threatening for students.

Teach evolution as a
scientific solution to many questions about life,
rather than "defending evolution" with all the evidence.

Ideal for new teachers looking for an effective approach to teaching interactive biology with strong nature-of-science and evolution themes throughout. Classroom tested over many years. Direct links to many ENSI lessons and resources in context.

NOTICE: Author's email address in this article has changed.
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 An ENSI-Oriented Teaching Sequence for Biology

Built Around The Evolution Solution

An Overall Course Outline that
Incorporates Evolution and the Nature of Science
as the Major Themes of the course.

There are many ways to teach biology, many sequences that work. This suggested course outline has worked very effectively. It is offered as a starting point to those looking for a curriculum revision which meets national and state frameworks and standards, and extensively incorporates important elements that provide experiences in the nature of science and evolution throughout. Both of these topics are fundamental to a deeper understanding of science in general, and biology in particular.
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