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A Teaching Tool in Africa

The Laetoli Topo Trackway is being used in South Africa
to teach Africans about their Origins
by Dr. Terry Hutter in the CESLA project there.


Dr. Hutter works in Subsaharan Africa, largely through the CESLA project which he helped establish, to bring hands-on education to a wide range of people over much of South Africa, living especially in rural areas. He has used the Laetoli Topo Trackway as part of his African Origins presentations over the past several years, to groups from elementary through secondary, tertiary and adult groups, to rural indigenous poor groups throughout South Africa, and to private schools there. Dr. Hutter has kindly sent us some of the pictures he's taken of students using the trackway. Some of them are posted here (see below), which you could use as PPT slides in your presentations.

Dr. Hutter and his work with CESLA:
(Coalition for Educational and Scientific Literacy Assistance):
Terry Hutter has his doctorate in Biogeology. He worked for two major oil corporations before starting and directing his own business, TH Geological Services in 1984. He continued in this business until 2005 when he retired to concentrate on his work with CESLA. Dr. Hutter is also an adjunct online professor at two colleges. CLICK HERE for more details.