CLICK HERE to view the 28 thumbnail photos
(4 views each of 7 hominid skulls).
In order to see larger view (to print),
merely click on the desired thumbnail photo.

All photos are in the same scale. The enlarged version may print slightly smaller than full scale. This would be fine for making comparative measurements. If a printed size closer to full scale is desired, merely print a 110% enlargement, check the maximum braincase width against the actual dimension (shown in brackets below for each species), and adjust enlargement size accordingly. Repeat same enlargement size for each photo.

Although photos are in color (for greater realism if desired), feel free to duplicate in black and white for class sets, as none of the observations/measurements require color.

In order to get more "mileage" from the photos, consider placing them in plastic sleeves, or having them laminated.

Each skull is identified with a code: "skull.xy".

The "X" portion designates the species:

b = Chimpanzee (female) [95 mm]
c = Cro-Magnon man [147 mm]
d = Modern human [135 mm]
e = Neandertal man [152 mm]
f = Homo erectus (Peking female) [140 mm]
g = Australopithecus boisei [105 mm]
h = Australopithecus africanus [95 mm]

The "Y" portion designates the view:

f = front; r = right side; t = top; u = under

For Example: "skull ef" is a Neandertal skull, front view