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A Hands-On Investigation Using
Hominoid Skulls

by Jo Ann Lane

 The pages available for download from this section were developed by Jo Ann Lane of Cleveland, Ohio, an ENSI participant in 1990, and a SENSI Lead Teacher. She presented this material at the 1998 NABT convention in Reno. Her first 4 sides have been condensed to 2 sides (for printing on both sides of a single sheet). Her "Human Evolution Data Chart", her page of skulls of the hominoids used (with their names and approximate times of existence), and her caliper templates are on three separate sheets, and downloadable separately for printing.

If you can use a laser printer (e.g. at your district office, school, or local library), your results should be of very good quality, although inkjet printouts should be quite usable. A fast internet connection would also facilitate your downloading success.

To retrieve each item, just click on its code name (in dark blue print) next to its small image. This will activate Adobe Reader, which will display the image, which you may now download. If you need to get the free Adobe Reader application, see the General Info section of this site.

 J A Lane's Info (2 sides)

Data Chart

Skulls Identified

 Caliper Templates