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CHIPS ARE DOWN....Data Sheet





 Number at start-->


 # after 1st predation-->


 # after 1st reproduction-->


 # after 2nd predation-->


 # after 2nd reproduction-->


 # after 3rd predation-->



1. Study your survivor populations.

a) Was 1 color of paper chip represented more than others in the first generation of survivors? _____

b) Were shades of that color or similar colors also present? ______

c) What, if any, change occurred between the 1st and 2nd, and again between the 2nd and 3rd generation of survivors?




2. Compare the original and survivor populations. Is there any color from the original population that is NOT represented in the survivor population? _____ If so, what color (or colors)?



3. Examine your survivor chips and the fabric from which you took them. How do you think the colors of the survivors are related to their habitat?



4. Write a conclusion as to which colors survived in the habitat and which did not, and why. Try to extrapolate this to a natural situation.