Visit the Whale Evolution Kiosk

This is a new, very clever interactive online experience for your students, created by Lara Sox-Harris at San Jose State University, who has kindly allowed us to add this program to our site. When you click on the title (WHALE EVOLUTION KIOSK), it will take you into a self-guided tutorial on the key elements of whale anatomy, fossils, DNA, and classification. These will all provide the mutually reinforcing evidence for whale evolution, all in delightful animations and interactions. For effective interaction, you should have a high speed internet connection, e.g. DSL. You will also need Macromedia's Flash Player installed in your computer. If the Kiosk doesn't work on your computer, you probably need to get Flash Player.
Click Here for Free Download of Flash Player.

This KIOSK experience can be assigned to students to do at home or in your computer lab or classroom. Or, if you prefer, with a large screen monitor or projector, you can walk through the KIOSK with your class.

For a student assignment, give them this URL: http://www.indiana.edu/~ensiweb/lessons/whalekiosk.html

If the link doesn't work, check with the ENSI web master.

To give your students a guided tour of the kiosk, providing more focus, and a means for you to confirm that they probably did a thorough visit to the site, give them the Whale Evolution Kiosk Worksheet. This was developed and kindly shared with us by Gail Bromiley of DeBakey H.S. in Houston, TX. Gail also provides a key to facilitate your discussion of the site and worksheet. To obtain the key, send an email to the ENSI web master, indicating the worksheet for which you want the key.

Our Interactive Classroom Lesson Complementing the Kiosk