As climate change continues to occupy more and more of our attention (as it rightfully should), with efforts and materials to facilitate the teaching of this critical topic in all science classes, we are always looking for compelling tools that, with careful presentation, can provide convincing evidence that global warming does come primarily from the burning of fossil fuels.

In the May/June 2017 issue of Skeptical Inquirer, an article by Dr. David Helfand on "Surviving the Misinformation Age" included a detailed description of one of the author's presentations showing in a convincing way how global warming (from excess atmospheric carbon dioxide) comes mostly from the burning of fossil fuels. All that was needed was a series of slides to graphically illustrate that narrative. So I wrote to Dr. Helfand to see if he had slides he could share, and would he mind if I put them together into a PowerPoint presentation, along with explanatory notes for each slide, taken largely from the author's article. Dr. Helfand kindly sent me several slides and said to go ahead. When I sent him my efforts, he said "yes," he liked what I did, and said I could make it available on the ENSI website.

So, here they are:
Main Source of CO2: Compelling Evidence: Graphics with narrative (PDF file)

Main Source of CO2: Compelling Evidence: PowerPoint set of slides (PPTX file)

This tool should be helpful in any high school science class (there's some earth science, chemistry, physics and biology). Might also work in some middle school science classes.
If you use this presentation, please let us know how it goes. Any problems, questions, suggestions?