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See the ENSI/SENSI participants who have been honored
for the quality of their teaching

The ENSI Faculty / Co-Directors

   Three Jellies Dr. Jean Beard
Department of Biological Sciences
San Jose State University
San Jose, CA 95192-0100
Dr. Craig E. Nelson
Department of Biology
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405
Dr. Martin Nickels
Anthropology Program
Campus Box 4640
Illinois State University
Normal, IL 61790-4640

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 ENSI Faculty & Webmaster

Webmaster & Faculty "Working" at the Monterey Bay Aquarium 1997

 Larry Flammer

Martin Nickels
ENSI Faculty 

Jean Beard
ENSI Faculty

Craig Nelson
ENSI Faculty



 ENSI Faculty...Escape To (From?) the S.F. Zoo (1994)


1991 ENSI / LT Teaching Staff

91 ENSI/LT Staff pic.

 Faculty working with Diana Rice in 1991
(Notice how little the faculty aged from 1991 to 1997...
those Summers were really quite relaxing....NOT)

 Left to right: Jean Beard, Martin Nickels, Craig Nelson, Diana Rice

 NOTE: Diana Rice was an important help to the faculty. She can now be reached at:

ENSI/SENSI Teachers honored with NABT's
Oustanding Biology Teacher Award
Congratulations to:

 1990Indiana: Steve Randak (ENSI 90)
New Mexico: Joe Schiel (ENSI 92)
 1993California: Thomas Atkins (ENSI 92)
Ohio: Scott Charlton (ENSI 89)
 1994Indiana: Kristy Slaby (SENSI 94)
 1996Illinois: Marilyn Havlick (SENSI 96)
Michigan: Ginny Lambert (ENSI 90)
 1997Michigan: Eleanor Jones (SENSI 93)
Indiana: Kirk Janowiak (SENSI 94)
 1998Arizona: John Banister-Marx (ENSI 94)
Indiana: Tom Watts (ENSI 90)
Kentucky: Lana Hays (ENSI 91)
Missouri: Thomas Conley (ENSI 89)
Michigan: Joyce Tomlinson (SENSI 93)
Ohio: Bob Culler (SENSI 93)
 2000Ohio: Judy Lachvayder (SENSI 93)
Colorado: Robert Legge (SENSI 95)
 2001Ohio: Michael Kimmel (ENSI 91)
Michigan: Vincent Lumetta (SENSI 94)

 (Please let us know of other honored ENSI or SENSI teachers)


Steve Randak, Lafayette, IN (ENSI 1990, SENSI Lead Teacher 1993-96)
"Tandy Technology Scholar" 1990-91.
Golden Apple 1990
GTE Gift Award 1992-93
Genentech 1993
President's Award 1994
- First Annual Award - October 2002
from the NABT and The Foundation for the Future

Joe Schiel, Artesia, NM (ENSI 1992)
Outstanding Teacher Award, College of Education, Pennsylvania State, 1993

Tony Hiatt, Kentland, IN (SENSI 1994)
Selected as Runner-up for Indiana Teacher-of-the-Year in 1998.
Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching in 1998. Tony attributes much of his growth as an effective teacher to his SENSI experience, and the use of many SENSI materials.
Honored by his Alma Mater in 2002 with a Purdue School of Science Distinguished Alumni Award for Excellence in k-12 Teaching, recognized for his activism as an advocate for Evolution Education.

Carolyn Rost, Cincinnati, OH (ENSI 1990, SENSI Lead Teacher 1992-96)
"Tandy Technology Scholar" 1998. Received $2500 cash prize, and was featured in Time Magazine (20 April 1998, p.15).

John Banister-Marx, Sedona, AZ (ENSI 1994)
"FRIEND of DARWIN Award" from the NCSE, awarded 21 August 2000 by Eugenie Scott, in Phoenix, AZ. Recognizing John's very active efforts on behalf of the teaching of evolution.

New AAAS Fellow
Being Congratulated by Stephen Jay Gould
February, 2000



 Our very own

Top University Professor
Professor of the Year

 On 14 November 2000, the Carnegie Foundation announced that Craig was one of the four university professors in the country, out of 500 nominations this year, to win their prestigious "Professor of the Year" award. This was in recognition for his outstanding work in raising the caliber of teaching at the university level.

An excellent article in the Hoosier Times for 27 November 2000, by John Meunier, delves deeply into the delightful soul of this remarkable man we all know and admire. Be sure to read it. [Since this link will take you out of ENSIweb, just click "Back" to return here.]

Another fine article, by Alison Schneider, is from The Chronicle of Higher Education of 24 November 2000. Be sure read excerpts from her article, especially some of Craig's remarks near the end of the article.

In addition, see the excerpts from still another article (by Mary Beth Marklein in USA Today); it presents a very nice overview of the award and Craig's many contributions.

ENSI Participants 1989-1994

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select the year of interest below:

Indiana University
Bloomington, IN




San Jose State University
San Jose, CA







Lead Teacher Preparation Groups

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select the year of interest below:

 1991 LT

 1992 LT

 1993 LT

 1994 LT

SENSI Participants

 1992 SENSI Groups:  1993 SENSI Groups: 1994 SENSI Groups:
  #1: Louisville, KY
#2: South Bend, IN
#3: Dayton, OH
  #4: South Bend, IN
#5: Louisville, KY
#6: Dublin, OH
#7: South Lyon, MI
#8: Cleveland, OH
#9: Fremont, OH
#10: Indianapolis, IN
#11: Jackson, IL
#13: Cleveland, OH
#14: Toledo, OH
#15: Lebanon, OH
#16: Cincinnati, OH
#17: Cincinatti, OH
#18: Hammond, IN
#19: Lafayette, IN
#20: Washington, IL
#22: St.Louis, MO
#23: Pocatello, ID
#24: Irvine, CA
#25: San Diego, CA
 1995 SENSI Groups:  1996 SENSI Groups: 1997 SENSI Groups:
  #26: Cincinnati, OH
#27: Winona, MN
#29: Denver, CO
#33: San Diego, CA
#36: San Jose, CA
#38: Cleveland, OH
  #41: Jacksonville, IL
#42: San Jose, CA
#43: Cincinnati, OH
#45: San Diego, Ca
#46: Denver, CO
#47: Chicago, IL
#49: Cleveland, OH
#51: Fresno, CA
#52: Irvine, CA
#53: Toledo, OH
#54: Columbus, OH
  #56: Fresno, CA
#57: San Jose, CA
#58: San Diego, CA


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