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We have a growing number of short PowerPoint Presentations (PPPs) that can help convey some of the concepts associated with evolution and the nature of science, especially in concert with some of our lessons. If you would like to see the Scripts and Synopses for any of these (in PDF format), just click its title with "Script" following it. If you would like to download the complete PPP, click the title with "ppt" following it. Be sure to follow the script as you go through the PPP. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact the webmaster

WE CAN USE GOOD PPP: If you have developed (or found) any effective PPPs that effectively convey evolution and/or the nature of science, please send it along with its synopsis and script to the webmaster, and it will be considered for inclusion in this list. Be sure to indicate the concept your PPP is intended to teach. Also indicate the author and/or source of the PPP.

Chromosome Comparisons Script / Inversions / Cladogram
Chromosome Comparison ppt

Chromosome Fusion? Script: Inquiry to test concept of human-ape common ancestry
Chromosome Fusion? ppt

One-Gene-One-Enzyme, Pseudogenes & Common Ancestry SCRIPT
One-Gene-One-Enzyme, Pseudogenes... ppt

Timelines Script: Evolution vs Special Creation
Timelines ppt