Revising Instruction
to Teach Nature of Scienc
[Using stages of mitosis to do this]
by Lederman & Lederman

In this common biology lesson (on the timing of stages of mitosis), students learn about the time required for different phases of the cell cycle. The primary point of this version of the activity is to show how to teach key points of the nature of science, using specific reflection questions that explicitly focus on those aspects as critically important for all citizens to understand the nature of scientific knowledge. As defined in the article, the Nature of Science (NoS) refers to values and assumptions inherent to scientific knowledge and the development of scientific knowledge. This is not inquiry or "the" scientific method - it's something different, but (unfortunately) seldom emphasized, or even taught. The article describes seven of the several key aspects of the NoS.

To see this article, go to the Understanding Science page of Exemplary Lessons:
Scroll down to (and click on) Time for Mitosis.
This will bring you the article (in PDF) from NSTA's The Science Teacher for November, 2004, page 36

Also consider trying other lessons on the excellent Understanding Science site suggested for teaching the Nature of Science.

We thank the Understanding Science team, for making this important lesson available.