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The History of Everything
A Timeline Project


by Thomas Atkins and Student



Geo/Paleo Patterns

History of Everything
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Time Machinelesson, or
Patterns in Timelesson
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This excellent online timeline gives students the "Big Picture" , ties everything together, from the Big Bang to the present. Directions and images suitable for all major events in time are downloadable so they can be copied and made available to your students to build. Scale is 1 mm = 1 million years. You have the option of starting at the Big Bang or the beginning of our solar system. Developed by Fresno, California OBTA teacher Thomas Atkins (ENSI '92) and one of his students. (When you click on this, you will leave the ENSI web site. To return, just click on the "Back" button of your browser, or find it under "Go" on the menu bar). CLICK HERE for the TIMELINE PROJECT.

 "The History of Everything" lesson resides off-site, over which we have no control. As of this date (6-23-09), the link seems to be working. If you find that it isn't, please let us know (contact the webmaster).

In the meantime, or as an alternative, take a look at our "Time Machine" lesson. This provides instructions for making a classroom-sized scaled timeline that deeply engages your students. For some other very effective ideas along this line, go to the Extensions & Variations of that lesson, especially item #6 for two engaging activities from the UC Museum of Paleontology that effectively teach geological time. And #3 "Patterns in Time" is a recent addition that helps students get a realistic sense of the vastness of geological time as it relates to their own lifetime. "Other Resources" will give you additional materials and ideas.