College of Arts and Sciences

Conference on Environmental Ethics and Aesthetics


Carlson Allen Carlson
"Environmental Aesthetics, Ethics, and Ecoaesthetics"
University of Alberta

Carroll Noël Carroll
"Architectural Aesthetics and Moderate Moralism"

Emily Brady Emily Brady
"John Muir's Environmental Aesthetics"
The University of Edinburgh

Ned Hettinger Ned Hettinger
"Defending Aesthetic Protectionism"
College of Charleston

Dale Jamieson Dale Jamieson
"Loving Nature"

James Justus James Justus

Florida Sate University

Sheila Lintott Sheila Lintott
“Recycling Jokes: Humor and Environmental Ethics”
Bucknell University

Katie McShane Katie McShane
"The Role of Awe in Environmental Ethics"
Colorado State University

Glenn Parsons Glenn Parsons
"Nature aesthetics and the Respect Argument"
Ryerson University

Katherine Robinson Katherine Robinson
"Environmental Aesthetics, Ethics, and Oil Drilling" co-authored with Kevin C. Elliott
University of South Carolina

Levi Tenen Levi Tenen
"Why We Shouldn’t Preserve Nature for Aesthetic Reasons"
Indiana University

Jonathan WeinbergJonathan Weinberg
"Evolutionary Debunking Arguments in Environmental Ethics and Aesthetics"
University of Arizona

Environmental Ethics and Aesthetics:
At the Intersection

May 12 – 14, 2016
Oak Room IMU

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