Phaedra C. Pezzullo
Associate Professor
Rhetoric & Public Culture,Dept of Communication & Culture
Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A.)




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Professor Pezzullo is an award-winning teacher at both the graduate &
undergraduate level. She
researches and teaches in several areas, including:
• Environmental Communication • Feminism/Gender Studies • Social Movements •
• Tourist Studies • Rhetoric & Public Culture •
American Studies Cultural Studies

At Indiana University, Professor Pezzullo teaches the following graduate courses:

• Environmental Communication and Public Culture, S2008
(Special Topic: Environmental Disasters)

• Rhetorics of Transgression and Resistance, F2004, S2009

• Introduction to Rhetoric and Public Culture, F2005

• Feminism and Rhetorical Theory: An Introduction, S2003, S2006, F2010

• Feminism and Rhetorical Theory: On Bodies, S2004, F2006*
* The optional, but encouraged, blog for this course and the U of I "Bodies and Rhetoric" seminar led by Prof. Debra Hawhee is available at:


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