Phaedra C. Pezzullo
Associate Professor
& Director of Undergraduate Studies
in the Dept of Communication & Culture
at Indiana University

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Professor Pezzullo is an award-winning teacher
at both the undergraduate and graduate level.
She teaches the following undergraduate courses a
t Indiana University:

• C212 Communicating Sustainability
F 2010

• C406 Public Advocacy: U.S. Environmental Movements
F 2007, S 2006, F 2003, F 2002

• C348 Environmental Communication: Environmental Tourism (IW)*
F 2008, S 2007, S 2004

• C340 The Rhetoric of Social Movements:
Resisting Illness & Violence
F 2008, F 2007, F 2004

• C450 Gender and Communication
S 2008, S 2007, F 2005, S 2003, F 2002, F 2003

* IW courses fulfill the IUB Intensive Writing requirement.
For more information, go to
the Campus Writing Program.

Some courses could be cross-listed as a Civic Engagement Seminar
with the campus minor in
LESA (Leadership, Ethics, & Social Action).

All books for these courses are available through Bloomington's
Boxcar Books & Community Center.

At University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC, USA), Spring 1998-Fall 2001, Pezzullo also taught the following undergraduate courses:

• Environmental Advocacy, F 2001, S 2001, F 2000, F 1999, S 1999, S 1998
• Social Theory & Cultural Diversity
In International Studies, F 2000, F 1999, S 1998
In Communication Studies, Summer 1999, F 1998
• Rhetoric of Social Movements, F 1999, S 1999
• Rhetoric & Social Controversy, S 2000
• Oral Communication/Oral Argument, F 1998
• Graduate Workshops on Oral Communication, F 1999-2001
• Gender, Communication, & Culture, Summer 1998
• Environmental Communication & the Public Sphere with Prof. Cox, S 2001

Click here for some definitions of "rhetoric" available on-line.

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