Understanding Equity

More than 50 years after the landmark decision in Brown v. Board of Education, the promise of equal educational opportunity remains unfulfilled for many children in America’s schools. Racial and ethnic disparities remain ubiquitous in our educational system, manifesting themselves in the achievement gap, disproportionality in special education, dropout and graduation rates, racial disparities in school suspension and expulsion, and eligibility for gifted/talented programs. Striving for equity means facing these disparities, and struggling to equalize the opportunity for all children to achieve at the same high educational standards.
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In consultation with educators, advocates, and researchers across the nation, the Discipline Disparities Research to Practice Collaborative, developed a set of Briefing Papers offering evidence-based and practical information for improving the effectiveness and equity of school discipline. The briefs and other information can be found here.

 Interventions & Solutions

The Equity Project has long been a key contributor to the knowledge-base about inequalities in education, and methods for schools and school districts to address those issues. To view interventions and programs to reduce disparities in discipline, please see:
PBIS Indiana and
Promising Programs.

 Needs-Based Problem Solving

The Equity Project has worked with the Indiana Department of Education to analyze state data to identify the extent of disproportionality in special education and in racial/ethnic categories across the state. The Equity Project regularly organizes statewide summits on issues of disproportionality to provide the latest information on the topic, and assist in developing plans to address disparities. More…