How to Dismantle a Pipeline: Using Data on Exemplary Practice in Suspensions and Expulsions to Create Community and State Level Change

The Kellogg Project, co-led in partnership with the Center for Civil Rights Remedies at UCLA, seeks to challenge school practices contributing to the school-to-prison-pipeline by informing policy makers and local educators of demonstrated effective practices that promote equitable discipline outcomes.

Using national- and state-level discipline data to identify schools and districts with significantly smaller racial gaps for school discipline, the project will examine the successful strategies that have enabled these schools and districts to reduce suspensions and racial gaps in both discipline and achievement.

By partnering with state and local civil rights advocates and community organizations, information on these positive effective practices will be disseminated to provide a powerful tool for community organizers, educators, and civil rights groups advocating for more equitable school discipline practices.

The goal of the project is:

  1. to identify a clear picture of what equitable discipline practices look like
  2. to explore what challenges may be faced in reform, and
  3. to encourage replication of these positive practices on a wider scale and in communities that need it the most.