Promising Programs in Reducing Discipline Disparities

Making information on effective disparity-reducing interventions and programs accessible to schools and communities is a critical need. As we continue to learn more about the negative effects of school suspension and expulsion, local educators, community organizers, and policymakers are increasingly seeking information about effective alternatives. This project, supported by the Open Society Foundations, seeks to fill gaps in our knowledge of disparity-reducing efforts, providing educators, advocates and policymakers information on exemplary programs: How some school communities are implementing a range of programs and interventions to reduce suspension and expulsion, and disparities in those punishments.

We interviewed representatives of schools, school districts, and local community organizations across the country engaged in school discipline reform to reduce disciplinary disparities. The results, presented in the series of initiatives, programs, and advocacy effort descriptions, provide a cross-section of exemplars throughout the nation that have intentionally worked to reduce disparities in discipline. The results described for these programs suggest that, not only is change possible, but that it has the potential to positively affect school rates of discipline, school climate, and even academic achievement.

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