Our Work


Understanding Equity

Racial and ethnic inequity in our educational system must be understood in the context race relations throughout American history. School discipline and special education disparities are multiply determined and remain ubiquitous in our educational system, manifesting themselves in the achievement gap, disproportionality in special education and discipline, and eligibility for gifted/talented program.


The Equity Project collaborates with community organizations, advocates, researchers, educators, and policy makers at the local, state and federal level providing evidence-based information specific to issues of school discipline, school violence, special education and equality of educational opportunity, as well as support and technical assistance to educational agencies seeking to create equitable school systems.

Interventions and Solutions

The Equity Project seeks to disseminate information on effective disparity-reducing interventions that are both practical and evidence-based to support educators, schools, and communities.

Needs-Based Problem Solving

Addressing inequitable outcomes in education involves using data to identify and measure the extent of disproportionality, as well as looking at the role race and ethnicity may have in these outcomes.