Russell Skiba : Director

Russell Skiba


Russell J. Skiba, Ph.D. is Professor in Counseling and Educational Psychology at Indiana University. He has worked with schools across the country, directed numerous federal and state research grants, and published extensively in the areas of school violence, school discipline and classroom management, and equity in education. He was a member and the lead author of the American Psychological Association's Task Force on Zero Tolerance. His work has been cited in numerous national media sources, including USA Today, Time Magazine,the Wall Street Journal, and Nightline, and he has testified before the United States Civil Rights Commission and both Houses of Congress on issues of school discipline and school violence. He was awarded the Push for Excellence Award by the Rainbow Coalition/Operation PUSH for his work on African American disproportionality in school suspension.
Mariella Arredondo : Associate Director

Mariella Arredondo

Associate Director

Mariella currently works as a research associate on the Discipline Disparities Research-to-Practice Collaborative project funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies at The Equity Project. Mariella earned her Ph.D. degree in Educational Leadership Policy Studies with a concentration in International Comparative Education from Indiana University- Bloomington. Before joining The Equity Project Mariella focused her research on educational policies targeted at reducing stratification and inequality and working towards the attainment of a more egalitarian and socially just education, both in the United States and globally. She is currently pursuing a research agenda concentrating on the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation in disparities in school discipline. She is an avid traveler, enjoys art (in its many manifestations), and is currently working on her first novel.
John Francis Chung : Statistician

John Francis Chung


John Francis Chung is a Statistician at the Equity project. His research interests are in the issues of minority representation in special education and in the statistical models for school reform, access and persistence in higher education.
Gwen Kelley : Research Associate

Gwen Kelley

Research Associate

Gwen brings thirty-five years of service as a teacher and central office curriculum and instruction specialist. She served as the lead facilitator responsible for developing and disseminating information about the district's first K-12 standards-based curriculum frameworks and pacing guides. Additionally, having worked as an adjunct professor at Anderson University, she brings over 40 years experience from a teaching background that stretches from kindergarten to higher education. Recently earning her doctorate degree from Indiana State University, she studied how principals created culturally relevant learning environments within their schools. She has provided consulting services and numerous workshops to help create positive change within school districts, schools, and individual classrooms. She continues her work in promoting culturally responsive practices with district leadership teams who are committed to working with the Equity Project to provide positive support and equitable outcomes for all of their students.
Leslie Price : Project Associate

Leslie Price

Project Associate

Leslie is a Project Associate at the Equity Project, lending both her research and administrative skills to the work. She holds a Master's degree in Urban and Comparative Politics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and is currently finishing her doctorate in the same field. Prior to joining The Equity Project, she taught courses in state and local politics, international relations, and American politics and worked as a researcher for projects that focused on corruption in Chicago, revitalization in Istanbul, civil wars, and political advertising. Beyond politics and public policy, she is interested in African urban politics and the development of space in the Global South.
Hye Sun An : Graduate Student Statistician (intern)

Hye Sun An

Graduate Student Statistician (intern)

HyeSun An is a Ph.D. student in education policy. She received a Master of Arts degree in education and social policy from New York University. With a deep interest in advanced quantitative analysis and economics of education, she has taken a number of quantitative classes such as causal inference and missing data since her master days, and now is pursuing a minor degree in economics, too. Her current substantial interests include inequalities of educational opportunity by race and finance in the US and globally, and effects of professional community on educational productivity. She is also interested in teacher labor market, teaching effectiveness, program evaluation, and school leadership. Currently she is working as a research analyst for the Equity Project at the CEEP, conducting quantitative analyses in a project on racial discipline disparities. Before she came to Bloomington, she worked as an elementary school teacher for seven years in Korea and participated in several school-level research projects funded by the Korean Ministry of Education.
Anna Sera : Graduate Student (intern)

Anna Sera

Graduate Student (intern)

I was born and raised in Brazil until the age of 14 before "returning" to Japan with my parents and siblings. I received my teaching certificates and B.A. in Educational Studies from Hiroshima University. After working with immigrant students in Japan for several years, I came to the U.S. as a Fulbright grantee and completed the Master's program in International Educational Administration and Policy Analysis at Stanford Graduate School of Education. After a one year internship developing educational programs and research for immigrant youth in San Francisco and serving as Director of Teacher Support and Training at Teach For Japan (Learning for All) in Tokyo, I have returned to graduate school with research interests in teacher development and policies addressing educational inequalities and fostering diversity in the US and internationally. I am also a mother of an energetic son and a curious daughter and love doing all sorts of activities with them. I also love sailing and swimming whenever I get some free time for myself!
Blair Baker : Graduate Student (intern)

Blair Baker

Graduate Student (intern)

Blair Baker is a Ph.D student in the school psychology program at Indiana University. She attained her B.S. in English, Spanish, and Psychology at Central Michigan University. Blair is currently interested in racial and gender disparities in primary and secondary education.
Leigh Kupersmith : Publications Coordinator

Leigh Kupersmith

Publications Coordinator

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