Russell Skiba : Director

Russell Skiba


Russell J. Skiba, Ph.D. is Professor in Counseling and Educational Psychology at Indiana University. He has worked with schools across the country, directed numerous federal and state research grants, and published extensively in the areas of school violence, school discipline and classroom management, and equity in education. He was a member and the lead author of the American Psychological Association's Task Force on Zero Tolerance. His work has been cited in numerous national media sources, including USA Today, Time Magazine,the Wall Street Journal, and Nightline, and he has testified before the United States Civil Rights Commission and both Houses of Congress on issues of school discipline and school violence. He was awarded the Push for Excellence Award by the Rainbow Coalition/Operation PUSH for his work on African American disproportionality in school suspension.
Mariella Arredondo : Associate Director

Mariella Arredondo

Associate Director

Mariella Arredondo is Associate Director and researcher of the Equity Project at Indiana University. Dr. Arredondo's leadership role on the Project focuses on making sure that the goals of each project's research, practice, service, dissemination and agendas are achieved and that outcomes and deliverables are ensured. This guarantees the long-term sustainability and efficacy of the Project through deliberate planning and securing resources. Her current research focuses on identifying school districts at the national level that can serve as models to others looking for ways to eradicate racial/ethnic disparities in school exclusionary practices. The purpose of this project is to provide proven and effective practices that can challenge school practices contributing to the school to prison pipeline. Other current research interests include the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation in disparities in school discipline and academic outcomes and concepts of sustainable education through equity from a comparative international education lens. Previously, Dr. Arredondo served as Research Associate in the Discipline Disparities Research-to-Practice Collaborative project funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies and Open Society Foundations at The Equity Project. Mariella earned her Ph.D. degree in Educational Leadership Policy Studies with a concentration in International Comparative Education from Indiana University- Bloomington. Before joining The Equity Project Mariella focused her research on educational policies targeted at reducing stratification and inequality and working towards the attainment of a more egalitarian and socially just education, both in the United States and internationally. She is an avid traveler, enjoys art (in its many manifestations) and nature.
John Francis Chung : Statistician

John Francis Chung


John Francis Chung is a Statistician at the Equity project. His research interests are in the issues of minority representation in special education and in the statistical models for school reform, access and persistence in higher education.
Leslie Price : Project Associate

Leslie Price

Project Associate

Leslie is a Project Associate at the Equity Project, lending both her research and administrative skills to the work. She holds a Master's degree in Urban and Comparative Politics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and is currently finishing her doctorate in the same field. Her dissertation, "The Last US Interstates: The construction of infrastructure coalitions" focuses on the financing and building of the I69 project in Indiana. Prior to joining The Equity Project, she taught courses in state and local politics, international relations, and American politics. Additionally, she worked as a researcher for projects that focused on corruption in Chicago, revitalization in Istanbul, civil wars, and political advertising. Beyond politics and public policy, she is interested in African urban politics and the development of space in the Global South.
Blair Baker : Graduate Assistant

Blair Baker

Graduate Assistant

Blair Baker is a Ph.D. student in the school psychology program at Indiana University. She attained her B.S. in English, Spanish, and Psychology at Central Michigan University, and she is currently interested in the ways in which teachers contribute to and prevent racial and gender disparities in disciplinary outcomes.  Blair is also interested in how teachers serve as either risk factors for or protective factors against the potential mental-health issues that students of color may face.

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