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fall 2012 Syllabus ** (PDF)
water sampling, handling, field measurements and analysis
Week 1 20 Aug Introduction: Lab book expectations, units and measures, sample collection and stabilization, lab safety, and development of a hypothesis and sampling scheme
Week 2 27 Aug Field trip #1: Sampling for cation and anion concentrations; trace metals and field measurements of alkalinity, temperature, pH, redox potential, and specific conductance
Week 3 3 Sept Labor Day No lecture this week, Labs only
Week 4 10 Sept Atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) for cations and metals
Week 5 17 Sept Data handling and presentation of water chemistry data
soil sampling, handling, field measurements and analysis
Week 6 24 Sept Field trip #2: Sampling schemes (profiles, transects, and stream samples) and storage, field measurements, and descriptions
Week 7 01 Oct Moisture content, sample ashing, and loss on ignition (LOI).
Sample preparation: crushing and grinding (contamination sources)
Week 8 08 Oct X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Major and selected trace element composition by fused disk and pressed powder pellets
Week 9 15 Oct Eltra carbon (total and organic) and sulfur analysis
Week 10 22 Oct Literature research on the use of discrimination diagrams and writing a data results summary
Week 11 29 Oct Data handling and presentation of major oxide and trace element data in soils




Image: An organic carbon-rich paleosol, developed in a Mississippian sequence, KY
Image credit: Erika R. Elswick, 2000-2001

rock and solid material sample handling, and analysis
Week 12 05 Nov GSA- Guest lecture and tours
Week 13 12 Nov Wet chemical analysis of geologic materials–getting solid samples into solution & Sequential extractions
Week 14 19 Nov Thanksgiving Holiday, no lecture or laboratory sessions scheduled
Week 15 26 Nov Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) analysis of geologic materials
Week 16 03 Dec Data handling and presentation of geochemical data in rocks and minerals
Week 17 10 Dec Exam week

Reserve Readings (Geology Library, 6th Floor, listed under the course number G444/G544):

Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater 20th Edition: published by the American Public Health Association, American Waterworks Association and the Water Environment Federation, 1998. QD 142 .A53

Tufte, E., 2001, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. Graphics Press. QA276.3 .T83

Method Papers Due: Tuesday December 11 of finals week by 5:00 p.m
Syllabus subject to change, with prior notice.

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